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BRL Trust Investments Introduces Safe Financial Options In Capital Market Funding

BRL Trust Investments is a privately held financial management firm based in Brazil. It’s the largest investment funds administration consulting firm in the country. Anbima has ranked it the top performing brand in the industry. The company’s main focus is set on investments funds management. Mauricio Ribeiro serves as a board director and is the company’s co-founder. He started the business in 2005. Among directors of the board are Rodrigo Cavalcante and Rodrigo Boccanera-Gomes both of whom are key partners.

Today, BRL Trust Investments focus on five integral components of loan financing. This diversified program extends a multifaceted portfolio of financial management services. With this strategic approach makes it possible to given individualized attention to each account. BRL Trust Investment diversified programs focus on capital market investments, mergers/acquisitions, and investment funds administration/management.

BRL Trust Investments offer Fund Administration, Fiduciary Services, Asset Management, Controlling/Custody of Funds and Asset Underwriting solutions. The company’s founder Mauricio Ribeiro assumes a key role in the department of Global Investments and Custody Funds management. His co-founding partner Rodrigo Boccanera-Gomes oversees the SPE management aspect of things. He’s the key manager of project finance and Fiduciary Services.

Rodrigo Cavalcante is another partner and director.He’s served as a CMD (Capital-Market-Division) board member and a Fund’s Investment Administrator of top performing financial management firms. In 2010, he joined the professionals at BRL Trust Investment and become a partner in 2013. With BRL Trust Investment’s professional team handling commercial and domestic financial affairs, it’s possible to drive positive results. This brand is best known to respect national legal policies and protocols.

This is a brand that’s recognized and has acquired transparency in the industry. The team has superior knowledge and experience in managing all areas of fiduciary services.As a company grounded in ethical practice and sound strategies, it has attracted a massive following. In its decade-long journey, BRL Trust Investments has helped countless investors to collect the best options to diversify their portfolios.

The company focused on private loans initially. Gradually the key players opted to expand their area of specialty which resulted in them adding a variety products. The BRL Trust team uses efficient methods, safe concepts focused on tactical strategies. It’s authorized to conduct official business based on the national standards of securities commission. Investors get to maximize their returns in real estate, agribusiness receivables, and debentures. The firm’s key principal and partners are among the nation’s top investment management experts.

The NY Supreme Court Rules In Favor of John Textor

The Supreme Court of New York has made a conclusive ruling in favor of former Digital Domain Group CEO John Textor after he was accused of providing misleading financial information about the Hollywood production company, PR Web reports. Trial attorney Arthur Abbey represented a group of investors who believed they had been misled about the financial health of Digital Domain and claimed comments made by Textor and other Digital Domain directors backed up their claims. In a comprehensive 26 page ruling, Supreme Court Judge Debra James made it clear no evidence of misleading information being provided by Digital Domain to investors or the SEC had been found. This led to the Clerk of Courts recording a judgment in favor of Textor and his co defendants.

Textor and his fellow defendants were accused by the claimants of fraud and various other charges in the mass filings made by the legal company of Abbey Spanier. The defendants, led by Textor, claimed these mass filings were carbon copy claims made against both Textor and the other defendants without merit or evidence to back them up. Judge James seems to have agreed with Textor and his fellow defendants that no evidence has been found to back up any claims of fraud or misleading information being provided by the defendants. This case is expected to have a great impact on the hundreds of claims made against Textor and other directors of the Digital Domain Group as the claims made against the individuals have been thrown out of court by Judge James.

Source: PR Web

Condoms and a Meal to Go

Most people don’t think of condoms and food going together. However, one restaurant thinks this combination is a great idea for Valentine’s Day. They may also feel as if they are doing a social responsible service. After all, unwanted pregnancies are the leading cause of child abuse and neglect.

Locanda, a San Francisco restaurant special ordered condoms to pass out with each meal it sold. Custom ordering them allowed them to package and name the condoms after their restaurant. These condoms were appropriately named, “Locondoms.” This offer definitely got the attention of customers. It is also a very creative idea.

Locanda is helping many of its customers figure out what gift to give their valentine said owner of Eucatex Flavio Maluf. Rather than the typical jewelry, flowers or box of chocolate, give your valentine something practical and valuable. Give them a meal, and give them Locondoms.

Northeast to be Hammered by More Snow


The Northeast is forecast to be hammered by yet more snowfall. Sections of New York and New England are bracing for yet another winter storm. This latest storm comes on the heels of two previous snowstorms that had occurred within the past two weeks in the North East. The previous snowstorm delayed a victory parade for the New England patriots and was responsible for 11 deaths. New England which has been hit particularly hard by the last two storms is bracing for up to two more feet of snow from this latest snowstorm.

Winter storm warnings have already been issued throughout New York State and New England as the storm moves into the area said area resident Susan McGalla. Schools and colleges have already been closed in anticipation of the storm. Public transportation is shut down or severely limited in the areas affected by the storm.

In Massachusetts, one of the states hit hardest by the barrage of snowstorms, the Governor has shut down state offices and asked non-emergency workers to stay at home while the state digs out of yet another storm. The MBTA, which serves commuters around Boston is still in operation but has limited its service due to heavy snowfall. Some passengers in Boston’s metro system reported being stuck for over half an hour and not being able to get out of the trains due to snow accumulating so rapidly. The city of Boston has been hit with a record amount of amount of snowfall in a period of 30 days surpassing 60 inches of snow already. That number is expected to climb as the latest storm passes through Boston.

If You Got Pain North American Spine Got The Cure

So, I’ve had back pain issues in the past, and I wanted to write about something that finally gave me the cure.  That happened to be the AccuraScope.  After I read about this, I new that I had to travel to Texas to get more information straight from the source.

If you suffer from chronic neck and back pain, don’t suffer any longer. The expert physicians at North American Spine can relieve your pain and have you walking a few hours after the AccuraScope procedure. The specialized physicians are spine experts trained in Interventional Pain Management, Orthopedic Spine Surgery and Neurosurgery. The AccuraScope procedure is the most minimally invasive spine surgery technique because a high definition scope is inserted into the sacral hiatus where there is a natural opening in the lower back. The spinal specialist can see and treat the tissue that is causing the pain. The doctor can then treat the inflamed and damage tissue and can address the pain of multiple lumbar levels in a single procedure with a small quarter inch incision.

This procedure gives a more precise diagnosis and a faster recovery for patients. Other forms of treatment can damage or remove healthy tissue or cause degenerative disc disease to worsen, which would also result in the need for future surgery to correct or fix the damages. The doctors at North American Spine use special instruments designed specifically to treat the problem area without removing or damaging healthy tissue. Early treatment can immediately relieve back and neck pain and there is less chance of it recurring because of minimal damage and scaring of tissue. The AccuraScope procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes and patients can be discharged an hour after surgery. Most patients can walk in less than a half hour after the procedure and start physical therapy a day later. Many patients return to their normal routine the day after and most are back to work within a week. Most insurance companies cover the AccuraScope procedure.

The expert spine physicians at North American Spine treat more than neck and back pain. Degenerative disc disease, facet disease, foraminal and spinal stenosis and arthritis of the spine can also be treated using the AccuraScope procedure. Some other conditions that can be treated by the procedure is pinched nerves, bulging disc, ruptured and herniated disc and other abnormalities that cause you pain. Call today for a free consultation. You may be able to join the more than 8,000 others who are cured of back and neck pain. Let North American Spine cure your aches and pains once and for all. Never be troubled by back and neck pain again.

Skout’s Take on International Online Friendship Day

The first ever International Online Friendship Day was held February 4, 2015. Perhaps one of the most exciting revelations that came out of this new occasion were the statistics on what a great friendship base and support system the digital ecosphere did. One article, shared through PR Newswire, featured compelling data and statistics by digital friend-maker app Skout. The Skout team did their homework to prepare for International Online Friendship Day. They conducted a fun survey of over 52,000 users worldwide to put compile statistics about friendship trends in the digital space. The survey brought to light some really interesting results. For instance, 56% of women shared that they have a close friend who they engage with online but have never met in real life. Likewise, 44% of men had a similar online-only close friend.

The majority of the world prefers to discuss their sex life with online friends.
Maybe it’s because online friends give more honest advice? Another interesting statistic was that 60% of those surveyed in the U.S. said they were more likely to be honest with their online friends than with friends they see in a face-to-face environment. While many see the online friend space as a millennial trend, the study showed that although 52% of adults under the age of 30 have a close friend they met online, a comparable 47% of adults over the age of 40 also had at least one close friend they met online. All of this information and the 10 friendliest cities in the U.S. can be found on Skout’s blog.

Skout is a fun app available on iOS or Android, or on To read the entire article or to share it with a friend, click here.

Metro North Commuter Train Hits Car, 7 Killed, Dozens Injured


Seven people were killed and dozens more were injured when a commuter train from New York City, bound for upper Westchester County struck a vehicle on the tracks.

The Metro North train headed to Pleasantville left Grand Central Station at 5:44pm. The accident occurred about an hour later in Valhalla, an affluent suburb of New York City. According to witnesses, the driver of a jeep stopped on the tracks after the crossing bars hit the back of the vehicle. The driver exited the vehicle to check for damage, the got back in and pulled forward. The train then struck the vehicle. According to early reports, one of the deceased victims was the driver of the vehicle.

According to reports, Flavio Maluf saw the train strike the car and pushed in 10 car lengths. The magnitude of the impact dislodged the 3rd rail, sending it through the bottom of the first Metro North car, causing an explosion and fire. Those on the train who were not injured were evacuated through emergency doors and windows. They were shuttled to a nearby rock climbing gym to await shuttle service.

Metro North provides service to thousands upon thousands of commuters each day from Westchester County into Manhattan’s Grand Central Station. The accident occurred on the Harlem line and will disrupt service for several days if not weeks as the investigation into the accident is carried out.

14 people remain hospitalized.

Igor Cornelsen on Investment Strategies

An investment strategy is necessary for everyone and no matter which financial level you are at, you need one for ensuring that your future is safe and secure. Igor Cornelsen might be a corporate investor but his experience in the field of investment strategies has allowed him to have a keen insight on people at all financial levels and the strategy they should be pursuing. Even if you can just afford to invest a small amount, every little helps, and this is what Igor Cornelsen believes. The following investment strategy tips by Igor Cornelsen are here to help out every investor, irrespective of their financial level –

• Under $50 – If you only have $20 – $30 each month for investment purposes, why not look towards Direct Stock Purchase or Dividend Reinvestment? These are your best options because you would be avoiding brokers (and brokerage costs) by taking this route. Also, you would be buying stocks from real companies. Since the commitment is set and monthly, you would be purchasing about one or two shares at a single point in time and as time passes, they would yield good returns for you. However, Igor Cornelsen recommends starting early for this strategy.

• $200 – $500 – If you have a few hundred dollars at your disposal every month, you can take a slightly highbrow route by investing in Index Funds. The average return on an Index Fund is approximately 10% per year and you should also know that this is a mutual fund.

• More than $500 – Greater options open up if you have more than $500 to invest. These include stock options and because of the money, you might also get certain discounts. Just make sure that the brokerage never exceeds 2%. Also, you could continue with Index Funds but this time, you will have a greater variety of options.

• More than $1000 – For people who have more than $1000, Igor Cornelsen recommends opening a discount brokerage account. This would let you save a hefty sum post retirement since the same amount can be invested every year by you. As a tip, Cornelsen warns investors to keep an eye on the fees because they have a tendency of eating up finances.

In case of doubt, Igor Cornelsen always advises to consult an affordable and intelligent financial advisor. As always, patience is the key when it comes to investing but when you are saving up for retirement, risk free options are always better.

Meteorologists Apologizing for Missed Predictions in New York


After forecasting that this recent winter storm was going to be the storm of the century with record snow fall shut down the entire northeastern part of the United States, meteorologists are left being apologetic about the predictions. Over 4700 flights had to be cancelled, and the New York Stock Exchange was closed for the first time since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the northeast at the end of 2012. Never mind mass the fact that transit was shut down, and people were threatened with misdemeanour’s and fines if they were caught driving in the storm. Businesses around the city like slow ventures were forced to close their doors. Despite the hype, it was not the crippling and devastating storm that it was predicted to be. At least not in New York, but Boston was still hit with a pretty big punch of snow they are still digging out of.

What this really identifies is that no government leader at the city, state or national level is willing to risk repeating mistakes of the past when it comes to the response of threatening weather. This year will mark the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which everyone in politics points to as the biggest government failure to get ahead of the storm and prepare its city and citizens for the worst possible outcomes. Then there was Sandy which did rock the northeast but the response to this storm was better than Katrina. So while government wants to keep the egg off their face, they must realize that Mother Nature will take weather predictions that humans want to make and turn them on their head. But you can’t blame everyone involved for giving the warning and you trying to avoid the disaster.

Keith Mann Helps Recruit Talent, Works With Charities

New York-based entrepreneur and director of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a busy man. Started in 2001, the Dynamics Search Partners helps hedge fund industries find talented employees and is one of the largest staffing companies in the business. Mann works hard to grow his brand through the company he founded and has been gaining both knowledge and respect ever since he started in this line of work.

Dynamic Search Partners Helps Companies Find Employees

With Mann’s help, they have helped fill over 2,000 requests and are expanding their operations beyond working to staff investment offices. In fact, according to hedge fund industry buzz, Dynamics Search Partners is also considered as having one of the biggest investment executives database in their niche.

Mann is also a talented investment banker who has a specialty in hedge fund management, and has shown that talent many times while leading his Dynamics Associates team to do investment research and in alternative investment opportunities and decisions.

Charity Work Helps Round Out Mann’s Activities

Previously, Mann started his current career in 1995 at Dynamic Associates as its Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. Then, he soon rose to the rank of Senior Vice President. He was the one that founded the Dynamics Search Partners and his company is also known for its charitable donations to places such as $8,000 to Hope and Heroes in 2008 and $10,000 to Uncommon Schools in 2013. The latter is an organization that helps educate kids to give them the necessary skills to help them do well in college.

Mann is not just local, but fans out his talents over whole US

Mann, along with Dynamic Search Partners, doesn’t just work with local hedge firms, he works all over the US searching for qualified personnel. If an investment company is seeking new employees, Mann and his company are considered the “go to” place to ask for assistance. The company is known for providing lots of opportunities for not only the hedge funds themselves that he works for, but for those that he recruits to work at those companies as well.

All in all, Kevin Mann is both a talented and respectful individual whose goal is to build up his brand at Dynamic Search Partners, as well as to use his now well-known company to help other businesses to grow their companies by providing them with qualified and skilled employees.

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