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Meteorologists Apologizing for Missed Predictions in New York


After forecasting that this recent winter storm was going to be the storm of the century with record snow fall shut down the entire northeastern part of the United States, meteorologists are left being apologetic about the predictions. Over 4700 flights had to be cancelled, and the New York Stock Exchange was closed for the first time since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the northeast at the end of 2012. Never mind mass the fact that transit was shut down, and people were threatened with misdemeanour’s and fines if they were caught driving in the storm. Businesses around the city like slow ventures were forced to close their doors. Despite the hype, it was not the crippling and devastating storm that it was predicted to be. At least not in New York, but Boston was still hit with a pretty big punch of snow they are still digging out of.

What this really identifies is that no government leader at the city, state or national level is willing to risk repeating mistakes of the past when it comes to the response of threatening weather. This year will mark the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which everyone in politics points to as the biggest government failure to get ahead of the storm and prepare its city and citizens for the worst possible outcomes. Then there was Sandy which did rock the northeast but the response to this storm was better than Katrina. So while government wants to keep the egg off their face, they must realize that Mother Nature will take weather predictions that humans want to make and turn them on their head. But you can’t blame everyone involved for giving the warning and you trying to avoid the disaster.

Keith Mann Helps Recruit Talent, Works With Charities

New York-based entrepreneur and director of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a busy man. Started in 2001, the Dynamics Search Partners helps hedge fund industries find talented employees and is one of the largest staffing companies in the business. Mann works hard to grow his brand through the company he founded and has been gaining both knowledge and respect ever since he started in this line of work.

Dynamic Search Partners Helps Companies Find Employees

With Mann’s help, they have helped fill over 2,000 requests and are expanding their operations beyond working to staff investment offices. In fact, according to hedge fund industry buzz, Dynamics Search Partners is also considered as having one of the biggest investment executives database in their niche.

Mann is also a talented investment banker who has a specialty in hedge fund management, and has shown that talent many times while leading his Dynamics Associates team to do investment research and in alternative investment opportunities and decisions.

Charity Work Helps Round Out Mann’s Activities

Previously, Mann started his current career in 1995 at Dynamic Associates as its Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. Then, he soon rose to the rank of Senior Vice President. He was the one that founded the Dynamics Search Partners and his company is also known for its charitable donations to places such as $8,000 to Hope and Heroes in 2008 and $10,000 to Uncommon Schools in 2013. The latter is an organization that helps educate kids to give them the necessary skills to help them do well in college.

Mann is not just local, but fans out his talents over whole US

Mann, along with Dynamic Search Partners, doesn’t just work with local hedge firms, he works all over the US searching for qualified personnel. If an investment company is seeking new employees, Mann and his company are considered the “go to” place to ask for assistance. The company is known for providing lots of opportunities for not only the hedge funds themselves that he works for, but for those that he recruits to work at those companies as well.

All in all, Kevin Mann is both a talented and respectful individual whose goal is to build up his brand at Dynamic Search Partners, as well as to use his now well-known company to help other businesses to grow their companies by providing them with qualified and skilled employees.

Jared Haftel is Making a Name For Himself

Jared Haftel is a 2009 graduate of Duke University in North Carolina. During his time at Duke University, he wrote for the Duke Chronicle, which is the primary campus newspaper. Jared is currently a MBA student at Stanford University in California. He was previously employed in the financial sector, most recently with Bank of America. Prior to his work at Bank of America, he was an associate for Vector Capital. He has written many articles regarding the investment banking industry for multiple websites and blogs.

Jared’s writing revolves around positioning oneself for a entry and advancement into the investment banking world. He provides insight from his experience on getting an interview to the hiring process of the investment banking sector. One great tip that he provides is to have your resume reviewed by someone currently working in the investment banking sector. This advice is very helpful because it will allow a potential employee to have the opportunity to see if they are able to shine to a prospective employer. The potential employee will also be able to review the thought process of an investment banker during the hiring process.

Jared also explains that the candidate’s resume will only be reviewed by an investment banker for less than a minute initially. This comes as a shock to most recent college graduates but it is a fact in the working world. Jared explains that you must really stand out in GPA, school, and internships to have a high probability of landing your first job in the investment banking sector.

In another blog entry, Jared Haftel discusses dressing correctly and proper etiquette in the first internship in college. That is a very important detail that is somehow overlooked by college career offices. He explains the proper way to handshake in the business world and the importance of a properly fitted tie.

Achievements of Dr. Rod Rohrich

If you’re like me and all your friends have nose jobs, and it’s time you need to get one you will want to find a good surgeon with the best qualifications. After doing research surgeons like Dr. Rod Rohrich are they type of surgeon you need to consult with.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a plastic surgeon based in Dallas, TX. Over the years, he has become popular for his contribution to the world of plastic surgery and reconstructive medicine as well as facial aesthetics. Currently, he is the chairperson of the Plastic Surgery Department and a professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Rod Rohrich is also the holder of the Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery for the Crystal Charity Ball. He also holds the Chair of the Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery for the Betty and Warren Woodward and a beneficiary of the Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery Distinguished Professorship.

Dr. Rod Rohrich grew up in North Dakota, on a ranch, and attended the North Dakota State University for both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. He also attended the University of North Dakota and graduated with the highest honors. What most people do not know is that he actually received his medical degree from Baylor College, where he also graduated with honors. After completing general surgery at the college, Dr. Rod Rohrich went to the University of Oxford, where he trained in plastic surgery. He later joined the Harvard Medical School, where he studied hand and microvascular medicine. In 1986, Dr. Rod Rohrich joined the UT Southwestern Medical Centre’s Division of Plastic Surgery.

Apart from being the Chairman of the UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dr. Rod Rohrich is also involved with various medical organizations and institutions. These organizations and institutions promote, regulate and advance plastic surgery practice and education in the United States. For instance, he once served as the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and was the Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich has also chaired the American Medical Association.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has made tremendous contributions to the field of plastic surgery over the years. He is, for instance, the author of many articles and books in the area of plastic surgery and reconstructive medicine. In fact, he is the chief editor of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which is a renowned plastic surgery journal in the United States. His career has also seen him peer-review over six hundred articles, and over fifty chapters of textbooks on reconstructive and plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s clients come from all over the world as a result of his skills and experience in plastic surgery. It is no wonder that he has risen to be among the most reputable and renowned cosmetic surgeons in the US. His career has seen him caring for thousands of clients with diverse needs and backgrounds and providing high quality surgery options for them.


Sam Tabar Invests In New Start Up

Sam Tabar who is a capital strategist and attorney, has started to invest in THINX, a new company that helps woman in Africa and America. THINX will specialize in fashionable underwear to support the menstruation and incontinence of women. If you purchase a pair of the underwear it will provide reusable sanitary pads with AFRIpads to women in Africa who may miss work or school. THINX started through a Kickstarter campaign and offers five styles of fashionable underwear.

Tablar loves THINX in it’s business model and encourages people of the community to think about these global issues through their purchases. With ever purchase, a woman in Uganda is given seven washable and reusable cloth pads with AFRIpads which will allow women in Africa to leave their home when they can not otherwise control their menstruation. Typically they would have no choice to stay home. The women that started THINX met Tabar through mutual friends. He was not looking to invest at the time but their business model had caught his attention. The company succeeded through Kickstarter and now offers a variety of woman’s underwear.

Sam Tabar is a prominent attorney and capital strategist who graduated from Columbia Law School and lives in New York City.

Reason to Celebrate in New York


There is reason to celebrate in New York today, as the Knicks have done the unthinkable. They have actually won a game, after going on the longest losing streak in the storied franchise’s history. It had gotten so ugly in New York that is was truly hard to even watch a game. Friends of mine, like Christopher Cowdray, have even sworn off watching the knicks. The players looked so dejected and head coach Derek Fisher looks as if he has no idea what he is doing at all said the Caterer. Perhaps the position carried too much responsibility, or perhaps the team is just incredibly bad without superstar Carmelo Anthony. Whatever has been going on in New York doesn’t matter today, as the Knicks finally got a win and can feel good about themselves for a day or two. It has got to feel amazing, as they had only won five games in the first half of the season coming into Monday’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans. Adding to the win was the fact that they did it at home and got to share at least a brief moment of happiness with the fans in New York City. Maybe this is just the spark that they need to finally start winning some games. There is no pressure for them to continue winning, however, as they most likely are going to get some much needed high draft picks next season. For the mean time, however, they can sit back and enjoy the win.


Silent Protest Disapproval

Almost everybody knows about the growing strain between the NYPD and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio stemming from the brutal attacks on two NYPD officers and, before that, the grad jury announcement not to indict a police officer who killed Eric Holder. After the two officers were executed in their patrol car, de Blasio said he still sympathized with protesters and the NYPD felt shunned by the mayor in the aftermath of losing two brothers. Dr Jennifer Walden and I hope this Since then, Quinnipiac University conducted a telephone poll, according to Yahoo. This poll found that 69 percent of the voters disapproved of the NYPD turning their backs on the mayor. Also, about 45 percent of the voters blamed de Blasio while roughly 43 percent blamed the police. Since the back turns, de Blasio has tried to align himself more with the police. Regardless of what de Blasio does, the strain will last between the protesters, mayor and the NYPD for awhile. Dr. Jennifer Walden and I hope this conflict gets resolved as soon as possible.

Ryan Puts Bills, Press, Fans, and League on Notice

With all his bravado, Buffalo Bills new Head Coach Rex Ryan put his team, their fans, and the league on notice that this team was going to matter. Ryan has never been one to shy away from the press and kind of enjoys the spot light. Maybe he figures if the spot light is on him, which makes the pressure on him and off of his players thus allowing them to perform without distractions that come with being a professional football player. Whatever, his reasons he has found the place where he can say what he wants, be as loud as he wants and capture as many headlines as he wants without the fear of a bigger story in a much larger city such as where he came from.
He was not short on criticism of how the Bills have played in the past. The Real Deal with Ben Shaoul is first to announce Ryan noted that while his team had the 4th best defense in the league last year; that the fans should expect more and that the team’s defense should be the best in the NFL. He said his predecessor had no loyalty, something that he will never be accused of having for he is loyal until he is asked to leave. Ryan seems to be on a mission to set the team and the league straight about the future of the Buffalo Bills. That what he expects is a great team that wins and will make the playoffs is first off. Championships will come next, but he has to get his team to perform to his standards first.

Sam Tabar’s 2015 Investment Strategies in a Nutshell

With the new year having arrived, many Americans are thinking about how they can invest their money wisely. Recently, Sam Tabar revealed his 2015 investment strategies in an artical originally published on With so many options available for investing, the average person may easily find themselves overwhelmed with what to do. Tabar advises them with what they should do if they hope to increase their net worth and save for retirement.

Sam Tabar asks people to think twice if they are thinking of investing in commodities. He says that they can be far riskier than investing in the stock market or mutual funds. Sam advises that while commodity trading may be beneficial to some, it is certainly not for the casual investor. Those who want to invest in commodities should plan to do quite a bit of research first.

Sam recommends that people invest less traditionally by investing in private businesses. Furthermore, he recommends that they invest with those entrepreneurs who have socially conscious businesses. These businesses are not only profitable, but they solve real social problems through their business as well. A perfect example of a socially conscious business is one that Sam Tabar has recently invested in, called THINX. THINX sells women’s undergarments and donates seven cloth pads to AFRIpads, who donates them to young women in need across Africa.

Above all else, Sam Tabar recommends a well diversified portfolio of investments, regardless of the investment that someone may choose. While a stock or something else may be popular at the moment, it’s popularity will certainly not last forever. To be secure, diversity is absolutely necessary. There is no time like the present, so it is extremely wise to begin investing now. Early investors will certainly thank themselves during their retirement years.

To read the full article about Sam Tabar, be sure to check out CNBC.

Anthony Bourdain to Open a Market in NYC

Famed television host, author, and chef Anthony Bourdain is opening a market with entrepreneur Stephen Werther, friend of Dan Newlin, in New York City. The location has yet to be chosen but I definitely plan on making a stop to it next time I am in the New York City area. The idea behind the market is to create a giant food hall that serves global street food as well as street food you would find in Manhattan. Bourdain may be best known as the host of Parts Unknown where he travels the world trying different meals and street food along the way. He also frequently visits food markets and halls in those places. Which is something that the US seems to be lacking in. Bourdain describes his market as something you would see in Asia- street hawkers lined up in market stalls selling their food and cooking on the spot.

According to Bourdain has been reaching out to chefs as well as pitmasters, jamón ibérico slicers, Mexican uni tostada sellers, and more in order to create his vision of the global food market. I can’t wait for this to become a reality and be able to try the foods that are normally seen through the television on Bourdain’s shows.

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