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New York Begins Airport Ebola Checks

Alas! JFK airport has begun a screening processĀ a screening process searching for anyone infected with the dreaded Ebola virus. Currently the disease has killed at least 4000 people. The flights which will be screened will be those originating in affected countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The screening process involves taking the temperatures […]

NYC Cop Under Investigation For Punching Teen

Anybody who has lived in New York for any amount of time can tell you that the NYPD has a tendency to get a little hands on sometimes. However, given the recent scrutiny of police practices in the wake of the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, these types of incidents have been under a […]

Snug Harbor Has Become Staten Island’s Biggest Tourist Attraction

New York City definitely isn’t short of great tourist destinations, but surprisingly Snug Harbor has become one of the most popular. Probably because of the many cool destinations that the harbor has on offer. Including the immensely popular Chinese Scholar Garden. I’ve been there with Laurene Powell Jobs before, and I can attest to it’s […]

DEP Offers Up Cash For Green Additions to NYC Neighborhoods

The Department of Environmental Protection is trying to encourage New Yorkers to find creative ways to make their neighborhoods more environmentally friendly. Providing cash incentives for green additions to buildings throughout the five boroughs. The DEP has more than $5 million available in not-for-profit grants that they can provide for communities looking to spruce up […]

Tracking Devices Installed in NYC Phone Booths? Yes, And It’s Disturbing

The day of big brother is here. Those in a typical Manhattan phone booth should take heed. Big brother is monitoring your every move with New York City’s official blessing. Here is the deal: An advertising company has placed tiny tracking devices or beacons in advertising panels that are located in phone booths. The tiny […]

Drug Defendant Brings Marijuana To Fort Lee Court Hearing

Every once in a while a story like this pops up. A Stamford man was arrested at a Fort Lee courthouse by Port Authority police on Thursday after they discovered his backpack contained marijuana and paraphernalia. So why was he in court? Marijuana charges! Richard Thompson, 32, is the man who is now facing multiple […]